Zoom Instructions

Mrs. Claus tells me that setting a custom virtual background will not work with Zoom in the web browser; you need to download the latest Zoom client

It is important that you try out your background before your visit with Santa. Not all computers support Virtual Backgrounds (notably Chromebooks, but also many others), so you need to test ahead of time to ensure your best experience.

First, download one or more of my free Zoom backgrounds.

You will need to use this image as your background when we meet over Zoom.

You can use a test meeting to figure out your settings; you may need to click the zoom.us/test link again on the web page that opens and then click the big blue "Join" button in the middle of the page to launch your Zoom client (this may take a few seconds)

If you have not set up a custom Virtual Background before, please read the official instructions on how to set a custom background

Short version:

  1. In the running Zoom client, start your video so you can see yourself in your Zoom window
  2. Find the "Stop Video" button in the lower left corner
  3. Click on the ^ in the top right corner of the "Stop Video" button to open a menu
  4. Select "Choose Virtual Background..."
  5. You should see "Backgrounds & Filters" selected and thumbnail images for backgrounds on the right, near the bottom
  6. Above the thumbnail images, on the right, click on the ⊞ (plus sign in a box) and find the background image you just downloaded
  7. Make sure Mirror Image (below the thumbnails) is not checked (if it is, the image will be flipped and "StreamingSanta.Online" will read backwards)